The glue we are using

This should give our customers some piece of mind when working with our product. This quality glue is used for our whole range of interior and exterior fingerjointed and laminated products.

You can find out more on the Franklin International website:

To picture where the D4 rating sits in relation to what is required for various applications you can refer to the table below.


Examples of climatic conditions and fields of application


Interior, in which the temperature only occasionally exceeds 50 degrees Celsius for a short time and the moisture content of the wood is 15% maximum.


Interior with occasional short-term exposure to running or condensed water and/or to occasional high humidity provided the moisture content of the wood does not exceed 18%.


Interior with frequent short-term exposure to running or condensed water and/or to heavy exposure to high humidity.Exterior not exposed to weather.


Interior with frequent long-term exposure to running or condensed water.Exterior exposed to weather but with adequate protection by a surface coating.

Gluing timber together plays a very important part in producing a quality Tunnicliffe product. As the glue is “holding everything together” we have to make sure that we are using the right product for the applications our products are used for, which in general is for non-structural interior and exterior use.

Our glue of choice is a product from Franklin International, Multibond® X-016, which is a highly waterproof, 2-part cross linking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive. This top of the line glue is of the latest technology, meeting the most stringent European (DIN EN240 D4) and USA (ASTM D-5572) industry standards. Our glue is D4 rated under the European Standard, which relates to a class in durability performance. To give you an idea as to what the glue has to endure to fall under this classification we sum up the 4 different scenarios under which it has been strength tested:

  • after 7 days of curing, dry, test.
  • as above, then soaking timber and glue in water for 4 days, test.
  • after 7 days of curing then boiling timber and glue in water for 6 hours, then soaking in cold water for 2 hours, test.
  • as above, then re-dried for 7 days, test

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